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The Story of Lt. Thornton L. Carlough of the U.S.Army Air Corps, one of the American veterans rescued by the Mihailovich Chetniks in the great Halyard Mission Operation of 1944


Aleksandra's Note: The following material relates to the personal story of U.S. Army Air Corps Lieutenant Thornton L. Carlough, a World War II veteran who was rescued by the Mihailovich Chetniks in Serbia during the great Halyard Mission operation in August of 1944.

Lt. Thornton L. Carlough
U.S. Army Air Corps

Veterans History Project
Central Connecticut State University

Thornton L. Carlough

Born: 09/29/1920

Died: 04/05/2008

Branch: U.S. Army Air Corps.

War Served: WWII

Rank: Lieutenant

Served In: Italy; Eastern Europe (Balkans)


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