Friday, April 27, 2012

Michael Djordjevich remembers a childhood filled with Mihailovich memories

Miroslav (Michael)
 and his father Dragoslav Djordjevich
in Belgrade, early 1941.
Photo courtesy of Michael Djordjevich

"Uncle Draža” (Chicha) was a great part of my childhood growing up in a family that has been loyal to him forever.

In the turbulent and so often dark Sky of humanity there appears from time to time an exceptionally bright star. Its luminosity brings forth light in the minds and warmth in the hearts of the people who can and want to see and feel them.

Each such star inscribes its own story in the Sky, yet it always adds something unique to the Eternal mosaic of the best traits of humanity and re-affirms the noblest of our legacies.

One such star, born on this day 119 years ago in the darkest part of the Sky, is the soul we know, and now gratefully remember, as Dragoljub-Draža Mihailovich.

Michael Djordjevich
Serbian Unity Congress founder and trustee
April 27, 2012


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