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Spies in the ointment: Did Tito infiltrate the BBC? / Britić – The British Serb magazine April 8, 2012

Britić – The British Serb magazine
April 8, 2012

Tito's spy Mitja Meršol
now 66 and a member of the Slovenian Parliament

Slovenia recently released classified documents which show that Tito had agents from his secret police - the UDBA - infiltrate the BBC. One of their missions was to report back on dissidents who has emigrated to Britain after WWII.

The spying foray began in the 1950s and continued all the way into the 1980s. In 1971 “translator” Mitja Meršol came to work for the BBC World Service. But first, he was equipped with James Bond-style camera to photograph documents and Enigma-style coding by the Yugoslav secret police service. He gained the trust of BBC colleagues while secretly reporting back on anti-Communist plots, love affairs and who was on Scotland Yard’s payroll.

As an UDBA analysis reported:

Even though the BBC is ostensibly a non-political service, it is an effective mechanism for indoctrinating the British public and for the British secret service.


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