Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halyard Mission veterans Major Richard Felman and Lt. Col. Milton Friend reunite at the 50th Anniversary celebration of the Halyard Mission in Chicago, IL U.S.A. May 1994

Halyard Mission veterans
Major Richard Felman and Lt. Col. Milton Friend
of the USAF
 reunite at the 50th Anniversary celebration of the
Halyard Mission
 in Chicago, IL U.S.A. May 1994.
This celebration was included in the week long
50th Anniversary commemoration of D-Day.
Photo by Aleksandra Rebic

Aleksandra's Note: As the legal proceedings to historically "rehabilitate" General Draza Mihailovich and elevate him to his proper place and standing are set to resume in Belgrade, Serbia on October 29, 2010, I wanted to share a never before published photo of two great Halyard Mission veterans who reunited at the wonderful 50th anniversary Halyard Mission celebration in Chicago, IL U.S.A. in May of 1994, 16 years ago.

Right now, Lt. Col. Milton Friend is in Belgrade, preparing to testify on behalf of General Draza Mihailovich, something he was not allowed to do 64 years ago, under orders from the Tito regime and the U.S. State Department. At 88 years old, Milton Friend has lived long enough to finally have the opportunity to right a long-standing wrong that has stuck with him for over half a century.

Major Richard Felman, were he alive today, would be in Belgrade, Serbia, ready to do the same. I cannot help but think that no communists or Titoists, or any other "hostile" entity seeking to undermine this noble effort, would stand a chance against the combined integrity and passion of Milton Friend and Richard Felman of the USAF.

Milton, I know that this photo of you and Richard will bring a smile to your face. Perhaps a tear or two. I hope it will bring back wonderful memories of your "brother in arms" who was evacuated from Nazi occupied Serbia in 1944 like you were, in the greatest rescue of American airmen from behind enemy lines in the history of warfare, but who did not live to see this day.

Long Live the Halyard Mission.


Aleksandra Rebic


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