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Why October 20th is a lousy day in Serbian history: The Phony "Liberation" of Belgrade

Aleksandra's Note: It was the classic Orwellian scenario: the phony "liberators" coming in as victors to save the day - to rid the homeland of the oppressors and the occupiers. The Titoists would have it they "liberated" Serbia in October 1944 from the Nazi enemy. But, like most everything generated by the Yugoslav Partisan elite, this was a "falsification of history".  As would become evident immediately, Tito was no "liberator". And it was the Soviets, his mentors, who actually "liberated" Belgrade from the Nazis, if the concept of "liberation" can even ever legitimately be used to describe anything "achieved" by communists.

A new chapter in Serbian history began on October 20, 1944, today's date in history. Josip Broz was now free to advance his own agenda in Serbia, and, of course, first on the agenda was to find, capture and imprison and/or execute all enemies of the state as defined by the communists. One evil had, quite effectively, been replaced with another. Unfortunately, many of the vestiges of this "other" continue to remain in place even today, October 20, 2010, 66 years later.

Although it would take the Yugo communists another year and a half to capture and kill General Draza Mihailovich, I believe that on this day, October 20th, 1944, General Mihailovich realized that he was now a dead man walking. Still, he did not leave his beloved Serbia. Still, he did not leave his beloved Serbian people, the very people he had given everything for in the name of TRUE "liberation". That is the kind of man he was.

The worst and most unfortunate aspect of this day of the so-called "liberation of Belgrade" was the fact that it was Great Britain and America, the other two parties in the great Allied triumvirate, who made the phony communist "liberation" of Belgrade possible.

Today is a day to remember all of those Serbian patriots who fought so valiantly to free their homeland from the Nazi occupier and who survived the brutal war in Yugoslavia between 1941 and 1944, only to find themselves rendered "enemies of the state" and having to suffer the obvious, intended consequences of such a designation. It is also a day to remember those Serbian patriots who managed to survive Tito's purges, but who had to leave their beloved homeland in order to do so. Some, like my father, have never been back.

I yearn for the day when all vestiges of Tito's great crimes against humanity are recognized for exactly what they were and that Serbia redeems herself for her complicity in maintaining the legacy of that communist regime for so long.


Aleksandra Rebic


Belgrade "liberated" in October 1944

By Carl Savich:

"....It was in fact the Russian Red Army that had put the Communist regime in power in Belgrade in October, 1944 when Soviet troops advanced on the city. German forces withdrew, allowing the Soviet Army to install Communist dictator Josip Broz Tito. Yugoslav Communist propaganda falsified history by claiming that it was the Yugoslav Communist Partisans who had driven the German troops out. The Russian troops only provided assistance. This outrageous falsification and phony picture was stage-managed and meticulously manufactured by Communist historians who followed the Communist Party line. It was a classic case of the tail wagging the dog. In fact, the Soviet “liberation” of Belgrade was not much different from the similar Red Army liberations of Warsaw, Bucharest, Budapest, Sofia, Prague, Vienna, and Berlin. In the case with Belgrade, much work was done behind the scenes to make it look like it was the Communist Partisans who were freeing the city from the German troops. This sham was produced to give added legitimacy to the Communist Partisans and to bolster the Communist dictatorship of Josip Broz Tito, a hardcore Stalinist and Communist. The falsification was needed to create the false impression that it was Tito and the Partisans who had “liberated” Belgrade, and not the Russian Red Army, not by Soviet troops under General Fyodor Tolbukhin, and not by Soviet military forces commanded by Joseph Stalin. It was a classic case of how the Communist dictatorship falsified history and made up events in order to rationalize and to justify a Communist dictatorship, a dictatorship installed and put in power by Soviet troops, by Joseph Stalin."

Carl Savich

The Soviet Red Army enters Belgrade,
forcing German troops to retreat.
Yugoslav Communist propaganda falsely claimed
that it was Communist Partisan troops that had taken the city.

Russian troops on a Soviet T-34 tank enter Belgrade,
October 20, 1944,
forcing the German troops to withdraw to the northwest.
The Red Army was greeted as “liberators”.


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