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Mim Bizic shares legacy of the great Halyard Mission Rescue Operation with U.S. Navy Captain, Commander Mark Kelly

Milana "Mim" Bizic with Commander Mark Kelly
Boulder, Colorado May 17, 2012
Photo sent to her by Lindsay

Aleksandra's Note: If we care about the truth being known and the historical record reflecting "what really happened", part of our obligation is to become ambassadors who share our knowledge and insights with others when we have the opportunity. I've had the privilege of being acquainted with wonderful, caring people through the years who truly have made an effort to "make the truth known" about General Draza Mihailovich and the Serbs loyal to him. It's often been an "uphill battle", because the enemies of truth are always very stubborn and they work hard at deception. They have to. One of the most faithful ambassadors for the truth for decades has been my dear friend Milana "Mim" Bizic. She is tireless. She never misses an opportunity to share her insights and knowledge, and given her warmth, sincerity, and passion I'm confident that she has succeeded in opening the eyes, the minds, and the hearts of many. We who care about the truth can all be very grateful for that.

Recently Mim had the opportunity to meet Captain Mark Kelly, American astronaut, retired U.S. Navy Captain, commander of the Space Shuttle Endeavour's Final Mission and husband of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, at a "Healthways" conference in Colorado. On May 17, 2012 she did not miss the opportunity to share the story of the great Halyard Mission Rescue Operation which was featured in the January 2011 edition of Smithsonians Air & Space Magazine with Commander Mark Kelly on the cover.

Thank you to Mim for sharing this great photo of herself with Commander Kelly taken by her friend Lindsey at the Healthways conference. And thank you to Mim for continuing to share the legacy of the great Halyard Mission Rescue Operation of 1944, during which the Mihailovich Serbs saved the lives of over 500 American airmen from behind enemy lines. This is what being an ambassador for the truth is all about. I'm honored to know such an indefatigable, faithful one as Mim Bizic.

In the literature for the conference, Commander Mark Kelly was described in this way:

"He inspires others to be their best while remaining true to their core values. He exemplifies leadership, the importance of teamwork, and courage under pressure."

The same can be said about you, Mim.


Aleksandra Rebic

To read "The Great Escape", the story of the Halyard Mission Rescue Operation that describes the amazing events that took place in 1944 in the former Yugoslavia, where the Mihailovich Serbs saved the lives of over 500 American airmen from behind enemy lines, please click on the link below:


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