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Searching for testimonies of American Air Force personnel who fell in southern Serbia in 1944 and were saved by the Mihailovich Serbs/Chetniks during WWII

Aleksandra's Note: A historian friend in Serbia is searching for information on the following American military personnel (Army/Air Force) who fell on the territory of southern Serbia in the former Yugoslavia in 1944 and were saved by the Mihailovich Serbs/Chetniks during the course of WWII. They are hoping to find testimonies relating to the Americans' experience with the Serbs who saved their lives and enabled them to return home safe and sound. If you have any information regarding the specific individuals listed here, please contact me at Your help will be much appreciated! Thank you.


Aleksandra Rebic


Fell on July 22, 1944 on Suvu Planinu (The Dry Mountain) southeast of Nish, Serbia
Pali 22. jula 1944. na Suvu Planinu, jugoistocno od Nisa

Floyd S. Cofer
Dale F. Rogers
Joseph R. Scurzi
Lee Mc Alister
Ralph R. Handt
James J. Fenyes
John B. Miller
Julius Pliska
Robert E. Winmill
Jerome Mandelman

Fell on May 18, 1944 at Leskovac, Serbia
Pali 18. maja 1944. kod Leskovca

John P. Carlson
Charles L Stevenson
Clifford S. Lovitt
Wilbur E. Wright
Shedrick J. Methven

Fell in April 1944 in the village of Tulare in Leskovac, Serbia
Pali aprila 1944. u selu Tulare kod Leskovca

Herbert W. Brynildsen
Joseph F. Cardone
Frank H. Clos
James T. Holcomb
David B. Jeffers

Fell in July 1944 on the territory of Svrljig, 35 km from Nish in Serbia
Пали на простору Сврљига, 35 км од Ниша у јулу 1944. године

1. Leo C. Brooks, co-pilot, 1 st Lt.
2. Richard P. White, navigator, 2 nd Lt
3. Harrel B. William, bombardier, capt
4. Robert I. Wilson, radar navigator, 2 nt Lt
5. Norton T. Laurence, engineer, T/SGH
6. Lenard M. Brothers, asst. engineer, S/SGT
7. Norman E. Brooks, radio operater T/SGT
8. Rusell W. Burney, armorer gunner, S/SGT
9. Roy J. Bowers, asst. armorer gunner, S/SGT

Fell in January 1944 on the territory of Prokuplje, 30 km from Nish in Serbia
Пали на простору Прокупља, 30 км од Ниша у јануару 1944. године

1. A.D.Romano, second lieutenant - pilot
2. P.L. Camara, second lieutenant – navigator
3. H.D. Hentan, second lieutenant – bombardier
4. P.L.Rainhardt, Sargeant – co-pilot
5. R. Groeneys, Sargeant – engineer
6. S.T.Ciottis, Sargeant – waist gunner
7. T. Sikas, Sargeant – radio-operator
8. W.S. Carverl – Sargeant – ball-turret gunner
9. L.S. Hosky, Sargeant – tail-gunner


Капетан Јозеф Скурзи (Captain Joseph Skurzi)
Пилот Вилијам Килпатрик (Airman/Pilot William Kilpatrick
Поручник-пилот Лесли (Lieutenant Leslie)
Копилот Валтер (Co-Pilot Walter)

1. J.H. Mitrani, Capt, MC Berwick, Penn
2. James C. Reaves, S/sgt, Hillsboro, Tenn.
3. Stephen F. Davenport, 2nd. LT, Elizabeth, N.J
4. Alford D. Hanwell, S/Sgt., Bradley Beach, N.J
5. Frank Czeck, Sgt, South Bend, Indiana
6. Melvin E. Thomas, S/Sgt, Chicago, IL
7. Lowel R. Miles, Sgt, Girard, Ohio
8. Harold C. Mortenson, 2nd. Lt, Flint, Michigan
9. George E. White, Sgt., Boston, Mass.
10. Louis J. Finger, 2nd. Lt, Wilmington, Delaware
11. Frank W. DeHuff, Sgt, York, Penn.
12. W.M. Newton, 2nd Lt, AC, Cincinnati, Ohio
13. Henry M. Piecuch, Sgt, Lawrence, Mass.


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