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"Serb general was a hero" / Mirjana Petrovic responds to attack on Mihailovich by Srdja Pavlovic / "Edmonton Journal" May 13, 2012

Re: "Rewriting the past a bad idea; Don't use Nazi-era figures for modern agendas," by Srdja Pavlovic, Ideas, May 9.

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By Mirjana Petrovic

It would take a long letter to refute all the inaccuracies in his piece, so I will focus only on Gen. Dragoslav [Dragoljub] Mihailovic. The Serbian guerrilla leader was featured on the cover of Time magazine in 1942 as "the Eagle of Yugoslavia."

During the Second World War, Mihailovic and his forces saved more than 500 American pilots who were downed by the Germans over Serbia.

In 1948, American president Harry Truman awarded Mihailovic the Legion of Merit, which stated "Gen. Mihailovic and his forces, although lacking adequate supplies and fighting under extreme hardships, contributed materially to the Allied cause, and were instrumental in obtaining a final Allied victory."

Mihailovic was a victim of a purge of all who dared to stand up to communism and he continues to be attacked by the children of communists and ex-communists disguised as democrats.

Mirjana Petrovic
Fremont, California



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