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The Forgotten Army of Mihailovich - U.S. Senator Hugh Butler

The Honorable Hugh Butler (R)
U.S. Senator, Nebraska


Hon. Hugh Butler before the U.S. Senate


February 12, 1945

"There is no blinking at the fact that a state of civil war exists in Yugoslavia. That gallant land which was the first in southeastern Europe to challenge the monstrous power of Hitler's war machine is now torn in two camps. There is the Communist domain, ruled over by Tito who has just refused the requests of the British and American Governments to allow British and American correspondents to see for themselves what is going on there. And there is the camp of Mihailovich, who is pleading for Allied missions and press representatives to come and see for themselves what he and his people stand for.

"Above all, we owe it to the American people to let them know what the 500 American airmen have found out, what has long been known but buried in certain high bureaus in Washington, namely, that in southern Europe there stands ready an army of over 300,000 men, eager to join the fight against the common enemy and to shorten the war, if only we would give them guns and ammunition and perhaps some food rations. And let us remember that THIS FORGOTTEN ARMY is fighting not for communism, but for self-government and for freedom."

Hon. Hugh Butler
U.S. Senator, Nebraska
before the United States Senate
February 12, 1945

From "A Forgotten Army"
By Major Borislav J. Todorovich

My thanks to Mirko Blesich
for sharing this wonderful book with me.

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