Thursday, November 11, 2010

Reviving the movement to establish a monument to Mihailovich in Washington

The World War II Memorial, Washington, D.C.

Aleksandra's Note: Years ago, in the 1970s, a movement was born to establish a monument on the grounds of Washington, D.C. to honor General Draza Mihailovich. This movement was initiated by American WWII veterans out of gratitude for all that this Serb commander did for the Allied forces that were shot down over Nazi occupied Yugoslavia and were rescued, taken care of, and returned home without a single loss of life courtesy of General Mihailovich, his Chetnik forces, and the Serbian people loyal to them. The initiative came close to succeeding, and then it didn't.

A whole lot has happened and changed since then...

Although many of those veterans who were part of this movement have since passed away, their dream should not die with them. Wouldn't it be wonderful to resurrect this initiative and somehow follow it through all the way and make it happen? Although General Draza Mihailovich never set foot on American soil his legacy left a big footprint on American history, despite the fact that many students of that history don't even know his name, much less what he did for America's sons.

It's an idea worth considering.


Aleksandra Rebic


The following is by Arthur Cotton Moore in

"A New National Mall for the 21st Century".

Washingtonian, July 2006

Is There Room on the Mall for . . .

Here are some of the memorials and museums that have been proposed for the National Mall under the Commemorative Works Acts:

A memorial to Martin Luther King Jr.

A memorial to John Adams

A memorial to victims of Communism

A memorial to Benjamin Banneker

A memorial to Dwight D. Eisenhower

A memorial to American veterans disabled for life

A memorial to Frederick Douglass

A memorial to the Ukrainian genocide

A memorial to Ronald Reagan

A memorial to slavery

A Pyramid of Remembrance for soldiers who died in peacekeeping, covert work, and more

A memorial to Native Americans

A memorial to the Cold War

A memorial to children of the American Revolution

A memorial to Hispanic Vietnam veterans

A memorial to Thomas Paine

A National Peace Garden

A memorial to black Revolutionary War patriots

A memorial to women who served in Vietnam

Middle Passage National Monument

A memorial to Ralph David Abernathy

A memorial to Draza Mihailovich

A memorial to Davy Crockett

A memorial to Peace Corps volunteers

A memorial to the teaching profession

Tiananmen Square Memorial Park

A memorial to Raoul Wallenberg

A monument to honor the American Flag and display the world’s largest

A memorial to the Merchant Marines

A memorial to members of the American press

A memorial to those killed while covering a war or other armed conflict

A memorial to Hispanic-American members of the armed forces

A memorial to American astronauts

The National Museum of the American Latino Community

The National Women’s History Museum

The National Health Museum

The National Museum of African-American History and Culture


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