Monday, November 15, 2010

A joint Chetnik/Partisan action against the Nazis - demolishing Yugo-communist lies about the Chetniks / Cetnici i Partizani "zajedno borili" protiv Nemaca / "Vesti" Uzice, Serbia October 17, 1941

From Mr. Nick Petrovich
Serbian WWII veteran

"VESTI" was a bi-weekly newspaper published by Tito's partisans in Uzice, a city in western Serbia, during the 67 days when Uzice was free of the occupying German Army. On September 21, 1941 the German occupiers left Uzice, unable to "defend it", and Voyvoda Radomir Djekic entered with his Chetnik unit. Tito's Partisans followed afterwards, and the two factions - the Chetniks and the Partisans - shared power, which is documented in this October 17, 1941 edition of "Vesti". A few days after this special edition of "Vesti" was published, the civil war between the two factions began after the Partisans stabbed the Chetniks in the back. The result of the civil war was that the communists got kicked out of Serbia, and they settled in Bosnia and Krajina. They did not return to Serbia until October of 1944 when the Soviet Red Army walked into Belgrade. A German punitive expedition, formed from several divisions that Hitler had withdrawn to the Russian front, returned to Serbia and again occupied Uzice on November 29, 1941.

When my parents left this world I inherited our family home, and among the vast memorabilia they left behind I found the original copy of this October 17, 1941 edition of "Vesti" which I still hold. This is an important, historical document. It proves that the Yugo-communists always lied when they insisted that only they fought the Germans in Yugoslavia during WWII. This publication, about a battle that took place in Gornji Milanovac, Serbia, demolishes their lie, because it was published by them and it is they who describe a joint Chetnik/Partisan action against the Nazis.

Nick Petrovich
November 2010

Column of German POWs escorted by Chetniks and Partisans in Uzice 1941

Modern Uzice as viewed from a fortress
just outside the city. Photo by Leah.


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