Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Protest of the Serbian National Defense Council of America in front of the Yugoslav Consulate in Chicago 1964

Aleksandra's Note: This great archival photo was shared by
Mr. Bosko Ivkovic: "An original photo of the Serbian National Defense Council of America protest in front of the Yugoslav consulate in Chicago. There were approximately 1000 people protesting Draza Mihailovich’s unjust punishment as a war criminal. The date on the back is 3/1/64."
God Bless the Serb patriots who understood what Tito and his Yugoslav regime were all about and were not afraid to protest publicly. Though I was too young to participate, I'm so grateful for these "good old days" when Serb patriots were unwilling to compromise their ethics and willing to stand up for what was right.
Thank you to Bob Ivkovic for making these valuable acquisitions and sharing them with us, courtesy of the Facebook group "Ja Sam Iz Cetnicke Familije/I'm From a Chetnik Family".
Aleksandra Rebic
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