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Unrepentant Croatia and the Chetniks - Julia Gorin and Andy Wilcoxson / "Republican Riot" June 22, 2012

Aleksandra's Note: For years now Julia Gorin has been exposing conveniently ignored facts and truths about the various scenarios involving the Balkans, particularly the former Yugoslavia and its various peoples. Her gifts as a communicator and writer and the fact that she is an intelligent, thoughtful person who is able to cut through all the nonsense and depravity masquerading as "news" and "history" make her both unique and exceptionally valuable in the field of true journalism. There are few like her in that field these days, and every blog of hers reminds us what true journalism is supposed to be.

I, among many others, remain grateful that she cares enough about "truth" and "accuracy" to put herself on the line all the time. She is a brave woman of integrity, and if I could, I'd nominate her for a Pulitzer Prize. And if I had anything to say about it, she'd win that prize.

Below, I'm posting an excerpt from her blog about the progress of Croatia's entrance into the EU. The entire blog is well worth reading.

You will find the link to it at the end of Hague analyst Andy Wilcoxson's musings about the the myth of Chetnik "collaboration with the Nazis" during WWII.


Aleksandra Rebic


By Andy Wilcoxson:

"I think there were probably some Nazi collaborators among the Serbs, but I don’t think there was a single country occupied by the Nazis where there weren’t collaborators.

What I do know is that the Chetniks [Serbian guerrillas] raised a rebellion against the Nazi occupiers, and that the vast majority of Serbs were either Communist Partisans or Royalist Chetniks. I also know that Truman posthumously gave [Chetnik] General Mihalovic the Legion of Merit. The fact that Truman gave him the award *after* the Communists executed him for “collaborating with the Nazis” tells me that President Truman didn’t put any stock in the allegations of Nazi collaboration [by Mihilovic’s Chetniks], which he was certainly aware of when he decided to give him the award because the allegations were all over the media by then.

I also know that if you go to a library and search the microfilms of American newspapers for stories mentioning Chetniks during World War II, especially 1941 and 1942, it was reported at the time that the Chetniks were leading the rebellion against the Ustasha and Nazi occupation forces in Serbia.

Amazing how they can re-write the history of the 2nd World War to turn the Serbs into the Nazis they fought against and get away with it, when it was obvious to EVERYONE during the war that the Serbs sided with the Allies."

Hague analyst Andy Wilcoxson

UNPRECEDENTED: First Time Someone in U.S. Officialdom Puts Brakes on WWII-Unrepentant Croatia’s EU Entry


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  1. Thanks GOD for all who have the courage& are willing to take time to stand up for the truth!