Thursday, September 09, 2010

Communists oppose rehabilation of Serb anti-Nazi general [Draza Mihailovich]

Aleksandra's Note:  Well, if the communists oppose it, then you know it's a good and worthy thing.
Aleksandra Rebic
The Associated Press
September 9, 2010
Serbia’s pro-Communist World War II veterans urged the courts on Thursday to reject a bid for legal and political rehabilitation of a royalist guerrilla executed as traitor by Yugoslavia’s postwar authorities.
Dragoljub Mihailovic was a prewar military officer who launched the first Balkan resistance to the Nazi’s in 1941, before also turning against the communists. He was convicted for collaborating with the Germans in a hasty trial in 1946. Other Yugoslav nations also have accused him of atrocities against their people.
The move by the veterans underscores persisting divisions in Serbia stemming from the war.
U.S. President Harry Truman posthumously awarded Mihailovic with the Legion of Merit award in 1948 for rescuing American airmen downed by the Nazis over Serbia.
Seeking to overcome the divisions, Serbia’s government has set up a commission tasked with finding out where Mihailovic was executed and buried back in 1946.
A senior official, Slobodan Homen, said this week that a telegram sent by the British Embassy in Belgrade to their government in London lists July 17, 1946 as the date of Mihailovic’s execution.
Many Serbs still believe the Mihailovic was a victim of communist repression. Mihailovic’s grandson filed a motion to the courts in 2006 demanding his full rehabilitation.
But pro-Communist veteran groups say that Mihailovic’s troops were guilty of numerous crimes, and allege that Mihailovic personally ordered these troops to cooperate with the Germans.
September 09, 2010

Associated Press


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