Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Vidovdan Congress 1950s Chicago - A wonderful piece of Serbian history in America


Aleksandra's Note:

This is one of those priceless photographs
 capturing a great moment
in the history of the Serbian heritage in America.
Special thanks go to Jovanka Pavichevich
 for sharing this wonderful piece of history.


Aleksandra Rebic

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"Vidovdan Congress, Chicago. Vladika Nikolai [Velimirovich] before a ballroom of Serbs, including HRH King Peter II, J. Mandusich, Mihajlo Duchich and many dignitaries, Chetniks and Serb patriots. Many of these events were held in various hotels in Chicago in the 1950's and early 60's. Vidovdan celebrations were weekend affairs with symposiums, speakers, parish choirs ("Sloboda" w/Adam Popovich directing) and other entertainers...The venues included the Prudential Building, the Congress Hotel, the Knickerbocker..to name a few. Magnificent gatherings."

Jovanka Pavichevich

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