Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"DISPLACED" - The amazing story of a 20 year search for a Serbian grandfather's unknown past...

Maksim Culum Culumovic

Maksim Culum Culumovic, front, wearing black Serbian hat


Aleksandra's Note: Through the years I have been contacted by various people I have never met who are looking for answers as to the history of their close relatives. They wish to know who their fathers and grandfathers were "long ago". They wish to know the details of the journey that led them to a new life in America or Canada or Australia or England or any number of other places where Serbian patriots migrated because they could not return to their homeland and be guaranteed that they would be allowed to remain alive, much less be allowed to prosper and live in freedom. Andy Evans was one such "seeker", and it is with pleasure that I'm announcing here that his own personal journey to discover his beloved grandfather's personal history has culminated in "DISPLACED", a book that is now published and available to the public. This search has been a true labor of love for Andy. It is also a poignant reminder about how important it is for our parents and grandparents and other family members to communicate and share their personal histories, no matter how painful or how seemingly inconsequential, with us who follow in their footsteps. So many descendants remain without knowledge of who their ancestors really were. Heritage is so important - especially for those of us who wish to preserve it. But we cannot preserve it if we do not know it.

My sincere thanks goes out to Andy Evans and Vesna Kovac for publishing this important story that I hope will serve as an inspiration and as a reminder to "share your stories" with your loved ones. You are the one that can tell it best. Let the stories of your life serve as the record of your existence, no matter how brief, on this earth. Your survivors will be grateful.


Aleksandra Rebic

"Bosnia is the back drop to this fascinating insight into a twenty year search to uncover the true identity of a man displaced from his country and loved ones. Genealogy today is big business. Websites now offer their services to uncover the truth about our heritage. Lost royal bloodlines can be uncovered at the click of the mouse. Family tragedies of old can be revisited once more, memories cherished at last forever. Imagine however if no records of our existence remained. DISPLACED tells of such a search of no recordable beginning. The story strives to uncover the shrouded blanket, kept in secret for over sixty years, of my own grandfather's life before his appearance in England in 1947. Yugoslavia's bloody and violent times of her past are revisited within my own travels of my modern day quest of understanding."

Andy Evans


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