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How Draza Mihailovich’s place of execution looked like / Blic Online English June 30, 2011


Blic Online in English
Vuk Z. Cvijić
30. 06. 2011. - 00:02h
June 30, 2011 
Blic’ reveals former prison
Blazo Djurovic and his company ‘Monting Holding’ yesterday made a computer animation in three dimensions of how a former prison on Ada and its wall by which General Draza Mihailovic was executed looked like.

Graphic of the prison and prison yard on Ada Ciganlija
in Belgrade, Serbia that existed in 1946,
where General Mihailovich and others were held and executed.
The circled corner is the septic tank area where bones,
which are believed to be human, 
were found on the weekend of June 18/19, 2011.

The bones suspected to be human which were found at the place where Mihailovic was executed were yesterday forwarded to Professor Marija Djuric of the Institute for Anatomy. Professor Djuric shall be in the forensic team.

Blazo Djurovic says for ‘Blic’ that the animation has been made based on prison photographs made at that time, old architectural plans and topographic and cadastre plans.

‘It took most of the time to get the documentation. Some things became clear only on the basis of photographs. Some of the information we got from people kept at that prison. We also plan to make a 3D animation film, too. It shall include presentation of the cell in which Mihailovic was held’, Djurovic says. He is assisting free of charge in finding secret graves of victims of partisan units.

Blazo Djurovic and Srdjan Cvetkovic (Secretary of the Commission for secret graves) found the bones suspected to be human while searching for traces of the outer wall of former prison at Ada. General Draza Mihailovic was executed by that wall. Apart from bricks, they found handcuffs and pieces of wire as well.

Remains, believed to be human,
as well as wires and handcuffs
 were discovered on Ada Ciganlija
in Belgrade, Serbia on the weekend of
June 18/19, 2011 as the long promised search for
the remains of General Mihailovich began.
Photo by P. Markovic

According to findings by the Commission the body of Draza Mihailovic and another eight people had been thrown into two holes at the north-west corner of the prison.

[DNA analysis will be in process over the course of the next few weeks.]


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